What About Printable Note Cards?

Everybody loves a little card in the mail once in a while. What if you could print your own note cards just like the ones in my shop?

Well, now you can! I have added a section in the shop here on my website and on my Etsy site for digital downloads. I have added the files for several of my farm animal note cards so that people can download the PDF and print their own! No more paying for shipping or waiting for them to come in the mail. Instant and printable – so convenient!

If you want to check them out, try one for free!

Here is a link to get your FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD for my “Bright Flowers” note cards!

The file will look like this. As you can see, there are two cards on each sheet of paper. When you cut it in half, there will be a card on each half. Carefully fold each card in half, and voila – you have note cards!

Be sure to take a look at the other digital downloads in the shop on this website or in my Etsy shop! It is a great time because they are 20% off until the end of September!

We’re Having a Sale!

I have exciting news! If you have been thinking about a custom portrait or pet portrait, NOW IS THE TIME!

From now until the end of September, ALL CUSTOM PORTRAITS AND PET PORTRAITS ARE 20% OFF!!

It is now possible to purchase a custom portrait or pet portrait online from this website, or you can fill out the form on the Commission and Price Information page and I will contact you about your very own custom painting.

How cool is that?

New Items in the Store!

I painted today for the first time in over a month. It was great!

I love making these wood slice ornaments. They are just the right size for a very small painting, don’t take a ton of time, and when I have sold my paintings and crafts at in-person craft shows, they are usually a best seller.

These three new ornaments follow the theme of farm animals. Tonight I painted a cow, pig, and chicken with acrylic paint.

Click on over to my online store and check them out! At only $5, they are a bargain, too!

I have prepared the surface of several more wood slices to try out a pastel technique. I’ll let you know how it works!

Great News!

This morning I got word that my artwork is included in the Early Summer Showcase 2020 by Artsy Shark! They are promoting artists by including one of their paintings and short statement by each artist, along with a link to each artist’s website. Here is the link to the article:  https://bit.ly/EarlySummer2020

Click on the link and check it out! The painting I chose for the showcase was “Thoughtful,” which is a portrait of one of our granddaughters at the beach.

Dog Trouble

I have some advice for my fellow painters. When you finish painting for the day, place your painting where your dog can not reach it.

When I finished painting the other day, I set my painting near the window in my living room, in the same place I have put it every time I have worked on it. I came home today and discovered that one of my dogs, probably Hooch, has pierced the canvas with his claws. He must have seen something outside and jumped up on the windowsill, at exactly the place where my painting was resting next to the wall. You can see the damage in the pictures.

I guess I will be starting over…

This is Hooch (the big brown one laying on top of my husband) on a day that he WASN’T trying to chase something out the window.